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Ricky Marshall, DMD | Top Dentist in Glendale AZ & Peoria AZ

Dr. Marshall is dedicated to forging lasting connections with his patients. Recognizing that dental visits can be daunting, with pressures from providers or insurance companies, Dr. Marshall prioritizes creating a welcoming environment where your needs take priority. Experience firsthand the sincere care and understanding Dr. Marshall brings to every appointment as your Dentist in Glendale AZ or Dentist Peoria AZ, ensuring each visit is a comfortable and uplifting experience from the start.

Dentist in Glendale AZ | Dr. Ricky Marshall

Personalized Comprehensive Dental Care Near You

At Stratland Dental, we offer a wide range of dental services to meet all your specific oral health needs. We partner with each individual one-on-one to select the most appropriate care methods for their smile from basic dental cleanings all the way to custom Porcelain Veneers. Looking for a local dentist near me? Call Today (623)-776-2494

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Leading Family Dentist in Glendale AZ & Peoria AZ – Visit Stratland Dental Today

Welcome to Stratland Dental, your premier destination for a Glendale AZ Dentist & Peoria AZ Dentist. As a beloved local establishment nestled in the heart of the Arrowhead community, our mission revolves around your comfort and satisfaction. Step into our sleek and welcoming office space, where modern aesthetics merge seamlessly with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Here, our dedicated team of professionals, specializing not only in general dentistry but also in aesthetics, prioritizes each patient’s unique experience, ensuring appointments are never rushed.

At this Arrowhead Dental Practice, we recognize the importance of individualized care. We pride ourselves on prioritizing your comfort and well-being above all else and take the time to listen attentively and craft personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Experience dentistry redefined as we devote ourselves to giving you the highest standard of care in the heart of Glendale.

Explore Our Comprehensive Dental Services in Glendale AZ

General & Preventative Dentistry

Experience lifelong oral health with our comprehensive array of general and preventative dentistry services. From routine cleanings and examinations to applying fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we’re dedicated to preserving the health of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get your ideal smile with expert cosmetic dentistry solutions. Whether you want a brighter, more radiant smile through professional teeth whitening, desire the flawless look of porcelain veneers, or seek the discreet alignment of Invisalign, our skilled team is here to make your dream smile a reality.

Emergency Dentist

Know that our team is prepared to address dental emergencies promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s a sudden toothache, a broken tooth, or a lost filling, our family dentists are equipped to provide the urgent care you need, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Clear Aligners

Say goodbye to traditional metal braces and hello to the discreet elegance of clear aligners. Perfect for adults seeking a comfortable and inconspicuous teeth-straightening solution, our clear aligners offer a hassle-free alternative without the inconvenience or appearance of wires and brackets.


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At Stratland Dental, we eagerly welcome all new patients and look forward to meeting you soon. We aim to ensure each visit is enjoyable, from the moment you step through our doors until you depart with a brighter, more confident smile. Reach out today to schedule your appointment and experience why we’re the top choice for family dentistry in Glendale, AZ.

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